How to Play Pass out?

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Pass Out is a new game where players throw the dice, try to pass out their opponents. But – there’s a catch! When you get knocked unconscious, it counts as one point for your opponent and they can steal that point back from you by laying on top of you. The first player to score 10 points wins!

The “pass out board game rules pdf” is a PDF document that contains the rules for the board game of Pass Out. The rules are broken down into different parts, so it is easy to read and understand.

How do you remember backgammon setup?

A: Backgammon is a two player game of skill. The object of the game is to move all your pieces around the board in such a way that you form a line of three or more pieces on one side, then bear off by moving them off the board and into your opponents home.


The “pass out challenge 2012” is a game in which the objective is to pass out. The player must drink enough alcohol to pass out, then wake up and start drinking again.

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