How to Play Dungeon Roll?

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Dungeon Roll is a game of depth and complexity where players will be acting as dungeon masters. Players are building the levels, designing their own quests that they can share with others in the community. They’ll also control all aspects of their character’s development by choosing what skills to develop on each level- making every experience unique for everyone who plays Dungeon Roll.

Dungeon Roll is a game that was released on April 25, 2018. It is a game that has players roll dice to create their own dungeon. The expansion, which was released in September 2018, adds new dungeons, items and monsters.



Dungeon Roll is a game that can be played with two to four players. The first player rolls the die and moves their character around the board. Other players take turns moving as well, but they also get to move their henchmen. Henchmen are miniatures that can be moved in any direction and will follow the player’s instructions. Reference: dungeon roll: henchmen.

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