How to Play Connections?

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Connections is a simple and fun card game that you can learn in minutes. Players start with three cards, each of which depicts an item they have to collect – one of the items is always shown face-up on the table next to the players’ starting hands. The object is for your team members to play their cards together so that all three collections match up.

The “Connections board game rules” are a set of rules that govern how the game is played. Players take turns moving their pieces around the board, and when they land on another player’s piece, it is captured and removed from the board.

How to play connection card game?

A: To play a connection card game, you need to have at least two people. One person will be the dealer and the other player will be the challenger. The dealer will deal cards to each of them face-down, then turn over one card for each player. The first person who has a matching pair in their hand with the card on top wins that round. If they dont have a matching pair, they lose that round and it goes to the next player.



Connections is a game that requires players to connect like tiles. Players move their pieces around the board and try to create chains of connected pieces. Reference: how to play yinsh.

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