How to Play Black Card Revoked?

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Black Card Revoked is a turn-based strategy game with collectible cards that take you on an adventure in the future. You must use your wits and deck building skills to stop a rogue military hacker from taking control of all AI technology, even though it means destroying humanity.

The “black card revoked game” is a popular party game. The rules are simple: the player that draws the black card gets to ask another player a question, and if they answer incorrectly, they have to drink.

How do you play black card game?

A: Black card game is a trick-taking card game. You play against the dealer, who deals out five cards to each player. The players then take turns playing one card from their hand face up on the table in front of them. If you have a higher value than the previous players card, you win that round and get to pick up your opponents cards. If not, you lose and must put your cards back into your hand.


The “black card revoked questions” is a game that has been around for a while, but it’s new to me. I want to know how to play the game and what are the rules.

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